Product Reviews? I’ll Do It, But Know This:


   Here on Doing it Daddy Style, I try real hard to give my readers the most honest and in-depth opinion I can on anything I write about. Doing a product review, for me, will be no different. Am I willing to do them? Heck yeah. I love new stuff. 

  After taking the product and accepting the challenge of reviewing it, I am going to be completely honest about what I think. When I research something, I go to the product’s website to hear how glamorous and great it is, then I look up the reviews for the truth. Unless the company pays me $10 million to only say good things. . . . I’m going to be ‘on the level’ with my readers. 

Why do I want to do product reviews? Because I like new things. I also like helping other people discover new things. It’s really as simple as that. I like fancy new things and I wanna tell the world about it.

Keep in mind as well, when offering product reviews, I will pair this with professional quality photos of the item, as I am a photographer as well. These photos will be for use on my blog and my blog only, details of use by the company can be worked out if interest is shown by the company to further market the product with those photos. That’s the most serious sounding sentence I have written on this blog to date; as a side note.  

So, all you companies out with cool man-things, and kid-things, and dad-things and photographer-things and any-other-things you have that you want reviewed, just shoot me an email: doingitdaddystyle(at) (Trying to keep spam to a minimum, otherwise I’d just make it an easy link). I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can and we’ll work out the details. Here’s to an honest review on hopefully cool stuff. . . like laser beams and hybrid returns of the T-rex in miniature pet-sizes.




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