About Me and My Blog

What is this blog? Why does it exist and why exactly should you read it? Well, let me explain how this idea came to be.

When I was a daddy-to-be I spent a lot of time researching stuff about babies and baby products. Everything seemed to be geared towards the woman. Mom-to-be this, Mommy that. I was on a site looking at strollers, and they were describing the features to the mother specifically all over the place.

“While baby Billy puts his drink in the cup holder for him, Mommy can set her iced cold lemonade in the cup holder up top for her…”

Apparently men are too good for strollers? We just carry the child like a boombox in the early 90’s on our shoulders everywhere? No. That’s completely impractical. . . . I’d get vomit all over the back of my head . . . . Though I suppose that will happen anyways.

So, I decided that it was time to blog. OK, that’s not quite how it happened, but I wanted to create a place where I could put the information I found for other dad-to-be’s and dads so they can get information, opinions, maybe feedback of some sort. Basically I wanted to create a blog. So. I am.

“And along with the cup holder for Baby Billy to wipe his boogers in and hold his Cheerios, Dad has an MP3 connector to jam out to Led Zeppelin while running in the park. . . . ”

‘Doing It Daddy Style’ is a place for me to document this amazing time as it happens. I’m going to be a DAD! How crazy is that the first time you find out?! Hopefully, as I said, other people will find what I have to say useful, informative or at least amusing. If not, I’ll at least have a written and visual compilation of this wonderful experience.


Now onto the who I am. My name is Matthew Williams. I am 27 and a photographer, currently doing public affairs for a govt agency.  I worked for five years in the Navy doing media work; it was a fun ride, I just didn’t feel it was a career choice for me, so I grabbed me an Honorable Discharge and moved right up on outta there.

Anyways, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s as this blog progresses. I will try to make it an entertaining read, as full of information as I can make it. It will be heavy with links, photos of products and excerpts from other websites where I find information I found useful. Also I will try to document events as they happen. Doctor visits, daily banter relating to my unborn kid, experiences of the pregnancy process, and what it’s like to be a dad. . . . so on and what not. Hope you find it useful or at least entertaining. Happy reading///



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