Saw Sandy Through….


Almost thought I was going to lose the roof of the house, have to deliver a baby on the couch, and then swim to safety out the front door….

Or so the news had me convinced would happen. They really pumped this storm up… My poor mother and family in general on the West coast was frantically worrying and closely monitoring the news… My advice was to just turn it off, because nothing they said was happening was happening to us.

Truth be told, the storm did turn out to be pretty serious. A recorded 7.4 million without power up and down the East coast and from what I’ve seen in New York, probably four to six times that number in monetary damages and that’s probably a way under guess….. What a mess Sandy made…. You think Mother Nature would at least teach her storms to clean up after themselves. How rude.

We got lucky though. Aside from some winds and rain, we didn’t even lose power. Had to go pick a friend of mine up who did, but we got lucky. Marie spent the bulk of the “megastorm” playing video games on the computer. To sum it up, we roughed it out…. 2012 style.

There are some roof shingles laying about on the grass, parking lot, my windshield…. So I suppose we’ll have something to worry about…

That’s the latest here, hopefully power companies can get people their power back soon. At least it’s not way cold or deathly hot, we lost power in our old house over the summer in the middle of a heat wave for almost a week. Temps in the 105 made for a rough week with not even the option to turn a fan on…

Well, back to waiting on baby to make her grand appearance. This mobile blogging option is pretty handy. Makes it a lot easier to crank posts out, haven’t had time to sit and write much lately. Stay close, baby will be here soon!



The Beginning of My Mobile Blogging…

So, a week to go until the ol’ bun is ready to come out of the oven.

Funny story. I am blogging from my phone. Right. Now. Oh technology! WordPress, my blogging medium, FINALLY redesigned their iPhone app, it used to stink reallllll bad. However, now I can actually blog, with photos, and effectively create posts on the go. Bet that’ll be real helpful come time to be a super dad.

So, with any luck the posts will be a) much more often and b) probably way shorter now. Thumb typing makes for naturally shorter paragraphs.

Anywho, just thought I’d proudly show off how on the cusp of technology I am…. Blogging straight from my iPhone… Look out Thomas Einstein…. I’m on the edge of science. Well, it’s Halloween weekend round here, so back to the pumpkins and costumes! Photo included is Marie’s daughter, Alyssa, gettin her Halloween costume put on….

Stay close to the blog, baby’s comin’ soon!!!


Alive and Kicking . . . From The Inside (Plus a friend’s baby video I made)


   A long time absence. Jeesh. So, first things, first… Marie is MONGO Preggo… And ready to be done being pregnant. And with only two weeks to go, she’ll get her wish soon enough.

Sorry to keep everyone hanging, we have been pretty nuts the last few months. We moved from Virginia Beach to just south of Baltimore, Md. I’ve taken a job teaching either journalism or photojournalism; I’m still in training and they haven’t quite decided where they want to put me.

As for our wee little baby… just about 2.5 weeks to go until she is born. Poor Marie has been getting kicked and punched and has taken on a whole new sense of sympathy for punching bags. Amelia doesn’t stop moving. Ever. For me it’s like watching one of those weird massage pillows with the rotating pieces inside. You see it constantly rising and falling and moving around. That’s Marie’s stomach. It’s like the final moments of the Alien movie just before the creature leaps out of the chest. It’s way cool to watch.

We’ve been busy for sure though. Got a crib, changing table, more clothes, some diapers and some of the other baby things that we needed that I can’t seem to remember at the moment. Some of my new coworkers even decided to throw us a baby shower next Saturday. I was immediately put off by it. I’m a new guy, I don’t want to show up and be rude:

   Hey, I know I just got here, I honestly still don’t even have your name memorized, but I am having a baby shower so show up and bring my free stuff, yeah?

Not really my style. But they insisted. Truth be told, I’ve worked there three weeks now and I absolutely love it. Most everyone I work with is awesome and they all have a good sense of humor. Marie and I both are pretty excited to be able to have a baby shower though. Regardless of how many people show up, it’s cool to have people in a new area show an interest and concern for you.

Well, that’s all I have for the immediate moment. I wanted to check in with my vast 4 readers and let you all know we are still alive… I’m willing to bet I won’t have a post up before Amelia comes along, but you betchya I’ll have one not TOO long after. Doing it Daddy Style is still around. . . . just anxiously waiting for there to be a baby to blog about and not just a big ol’ stomach. . . . I am willing to bet there will be a photo or two to go with it. Stay tuned…..

Also, side note . . . . check out the Gender Announcement Video I made for some friends of mine. Way fun stuff: