Quick Catch-up; Life’s Been NUTS!!!

More than a month. Jeez. I’ve been busy job searching, house hunting, packing, moving, holding down the last weeks of another job, school reviewing and above all else trying to keep a pregnant woman happy.
It’s a tireless job, this pregnancy thing. Marie can’t manage more than five hours without needing a nap; and she is constantly getting bigger in the mid-section and always uncomfortable…
Over the past month, to clear up the gap here, Marie has gotten her orders to Maryland, we have packed up an entire house on our own without the help of the Navy in any kind (save for being handed money and told, “eh, good luck…. Figure it out”) loaded it all into a U-Haul and a U-Haul trailer. . . someone under-guessed the needed truck size(whoops), drove 289 miles, thought I was going to have help, ended up unloading said trailer and truck entirely by myself, almost killed myself twice on a set of stairs with a dresser and a boxspring, had to fly back to Virginia Beach and now here I am finishing out my final week in my current job.
Busy has been an understatement. But it’s all been things that will hopefully be for the better. The new place has a lot of things you would consider basic amenities in 2012, but we didn’t have in the last house. Things like air conditioning, a dishwasher, a garbage disposal in the sink . . . I was beside myself the first time I saw dishes stacked in the sink and didn’t have to panic that the next hour of my life would be wasted to scrubbing food from plates.
As for the wee baby; I suppose she is doing well in there. Legs are clearly functional; as is evident by the non-stop kicking she does. Poor Marie has become a human punching bag from the inside out. Amelia’s either practicing to become a national soccer champion, or going to be the most famous tap dancer ever. I’ll take either, so long as she pays my way to retirement.
Not an exciting post, I know. But we are trying to keep up with life…and it has been in high gear the last month or so. As things finally start to settle though, I am hoping to get time to both write and shoot again. Anyways, that’s the latest and greatest here. Stay close and keep watching, just over two months to baby!!!