The First Ultrasound, WITH Pictures!!!!


So, we had our first ultrasound. 147-156 was the heartbeat rate, but it was doing leg kicks like it was impersonating Michael Phelps…. Who listens to wives tales anyways . . . . . PLEASE be a boy!?

I think I slightly disappointed the ultrasound lady and Marie. It was exciting, but I wasn’t like oh man, there actually IS a BABY in there. . . . For me it’s already hit. I know it and I have mentally grasped it. I am excited and it was totally awesome to see my little me in there. Which, boy or girl, it’s definitely MY genes in there, the legs were astoundingly long.

See? That’s a lot of legs. (It’s upside down, the legs are the V / U looking thing, the feet didn’t show up in this one, so it’s just the legs you see)

Unfortunately, it’ll be another couple weeks before we can tell the gender.  So, more waiting. It’s like a preliminary round of “learn your patience” for when the kid actually gets here.

So now I have ultrasound photos, and I am trying to not be that person that runs around forcing people to be pretend excited about an unrecognizable mass of grays and whites.

“There’s the leg, see right here, oh no, sorry, that’s the arm, isn’t it cute?”

Just nod, smile and agree people, it’ll only get worse once I actually have the kid…. Photos galore.

So, anywho, that’s the latest. Now, allow me to force some of my ultrasound photos onto all of you ;)




The last one is a hand, in case you missed it. That is pretty crazy. That’s my little baby….. Yay for us!! In another couple of weeks we’ll know the gender, and then we can shop our faces off appropriately. Hope they don’t get it wrong, haha. Well, that’s all for now!

(WHOA! A short post. . . . didn’t think it was possible. . . but I did it!)





Author: photoguy2354

That's what my About me page is for. . . . clearly.

2 thoughts on “The First Ultrasound, WITH Pictures!!!!”

  1. Okay, so I am totally the grandma running around forcing people to look at the grey and black masses saying “Isn’t it cute”. People who don’t like it must not have kids or grand kids, so please be tolerant.

  2. Oh that little hand is so cute!! I made people look at my ultrasound of my little boys feet. I was obsessed so I totally get it! :-)

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