$38.50 | 89 Pieces of Clothing | Beating My Ma at Deal Finding. . .

My mother and I are always competing. In everything we do it’s either outwitting the other or straight competition. Buying baby clothes has been no exception.

So, I wrote out that I THOUGHT my mother was beating me. Then I said, well, wait a second. Let’s bust out some math skills and see within each deal how much was paid per item.

I am winning by a margin of 3 cents per item.

Close, but, still winning.

Take that, Ma!

Post deleted and updated.

Now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way and the world knows that I am in the lead as the family deal finder….. Let’s just look, real quick, at how much $38.50 can get you in the world of yard sales. I would like to point out that none of this is in ANY way stained up or worn out. It’s all side-by-side looking as good as new.

Set one: 23 total pieces of clothing. $12 spent for a grand total of .52 cents per item:

(By the way, that’s .52 cents for that thick full body jacket)

Deal Numero Two (this is my Mom’s find): 44 total pieces of clothing on a total of $18 (she said less than $20, so I am giving her $18):

I have to be honest….. She does have things very tightly piled here. So, oh it hurts…. my fingers ar re seaeizing up. . . .  .  .  … .   she. MIghgt. Be. Winning. . . .

AH! That was really tough to type. MIGHT. Should there be some things that I can’t see in there. Anyways, that’s 44 pieces as I can see it, at an estimated $18 spent (known to be less than $20, for ALL that… good job, Ma!) for a grand total of .40 cents spent per item.

And now, for the currently winning deal (that means MY latest find. . . . )

Set 3. With 23 pieces and only $8.50 spent.

I’d like to take note, before we go over the per item amount in this particular batch of clothing, the content of what we have here. A heavy knit sweater/pants combo, 2 pairs of denim, a pair of corduroys, the khaki pants, and the center of my focus here, the OshKosh brand overalls AND the Vans shoes. Now. At 23 total items for only $8.50, that’s a total of .37 cents per item. .37 cents for Van’s brand shoes. Check out how much these are new. If you don’t feel like clicking a link, that’s $37 bucks. Oh, and the OshKosh overalls, hmmmmm…… Googling it brings back about $16 bucks new. So. That’s more than $50 for just the Vans and the overalls. Now, unless I want my baby to really look like a hillbilly, I am going to need a shirt to go under the overalls. Let’s see. Oh, google shopping brings back $3.50 as the cheapest plain T on the first page. I’m not even at a buck twenty yet for that same outfit ‘used.’ Also, I didn’t count the socks or the bib in my final count for competitive comparison. I don’t see socks that small as an item worth paying money for. It’s like three cents worth of fabric. They gave me all of those (8 pairs) for a quarter (which means I paid a penny and a half each, for the record).

Bottom line? This yard sale shopping has been extremely profitable for us. Saving a ton of money, and might already be to the point that the kid’s only going to get to wear each piece of clothing once before s/he out grows it all. And for those really crunching numbers, that averages out just in these photos and not including the little here and there’s that we have picked up (yes, there are even more, I’ll have to lay them ALL out and get a photo…), to be .43 cents per item. I’d say that’s a pretty good price for something we are only going to use for 3 months and then sell to the next person. We’ll sell them for .50 cents a piece and make a .07 cent gain per item. That would be a $6.23 profit…. and if we REALLY wanted to we could probably get like $4 for the big heavy jacket thing on its own, and a dollar for the overalls. It’s all about the frugalling.

That’s all for now, ultrasound is tomorrow. Super stoked!!!! Really hoping we can tell the gender at 16ish weeks. We’ll find out tomorrow. More later…



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8 thoughts on “$38.50 | 89 Pieces of Clothing | Beating My Ma at Deal Finding. . .”

  1. OMG THIS kid is GONNA HAVE TO MUCH CLOTHES!!! That’s THREE people yardsailing! Did I tell you I got more yesterday? Oh, and Maddy was a boy at 16 weeks. Ahem.

  2. Start buying 9 – 12 months now too. I bought a bunch of winter clothes in 9-18 months as my boy was born in October. Of course at 7 months old he’s sooo long he’s in 9-12 month trousers and all the tops are very thick and long sleeved. Not good for my bank balance. :-)

    1. You know what’s good for your bank balance? A Saturday morning and $40 with intent to buy out the yard sale baby clothes tables… It’s all in the bartering. I found one couple that because I just pretty much pulled EVERYTHING off thier table, they gave me all of it for ten bucks. It was getting to the end of the day and they just wanted to be done with it… 40 something pieces of clothes, ten bucks. . . . . We’ve stocked up on newhborn, 9-12 is our next focus. AND, in a couple weeks, I’ll be yardsaling on a Saturday WITH my Ma. She’s the queen of bargaining. I’m gonna need another suitcase to get home with all this stuff.

  3. Nice! I wish we had such good sales over here. Scottish people aren’t huge fans of yard sales. :-( We have a big kids sale twice a year in the local hall. I got a bunch of stuff there last time but hopefully I’ll get a load more at the next one. Plus I have my mum who’s the queen of vouchers stocking up from her favourite shop where she gets stupid numbers of vouchers. :-)

    1. Scotland?! Ah, I want to visit out there someday!! Isn’t it frustrating how much better mother’s are at this bargain stuff? Must be because they are OLD. ;)

  4. You should visit Scotland it’s lovely. Cold but lovely. :-)
    Mums are pretty mush better at everything to be fair (I can’t include myself in that as I haven’t been a mum nearly long enough)

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