Finally Fat…And Marie’s Hating it Until She’s ‘Actually’ Pregnant . . .


 So, we haven’t focused too much on the whole “physical pregnancy process” in the last few weeks. So, it’s time for an update.

   Marie has officially started showing. I’m thrilled, as I’m sure you can deduce. To her, the problem is currently “I just look fat.” Never in the 3.5 years we have thus far been together has she shown any inkling of care for what other people thought. There are moments when it would have come in handy, maybe just a little, but, still never cared, until now.

I just look fat.

But you aren’t fat. You are “with fetus”

Stop calling it that, it’s weird.

That’s WHAAT IT IIIS . . . Don’t get mad at me, get mad at science.

It’s a gross sounding word, and I don’t want to look fat.

You don’t look FAT. You look pregnant.

Maybe to you, that’s because you KNOW I’m pregnant.

Well, that’s a good thing. I’d be real mad if I thought you were just fat and it turned out you were 4.5 months pregnant and you hadn’t told me.

See, you would think I looked fat if you didn’t know I was pregnant. Other people don’t know I’m pregnant.

(Shoot, she has a valid point, think. . . . think. . . . redirect the conversation…) Your face and arms don’t look fat (score one for my cleverness) and since WHEN do you care what other people think?

Yeah. But still…. (As she stands in front of the mirror doing that sideways look thing you women do. . . )

   We have this conversation almost every day. Same. Exact. Conversation. I’ll tell her she looks beautifully pregnant, but the general response is “I don’t want to look beautifully pregnant. I want to look NORMAL pregnant.”

   To which I remind her that she does absolutely NOTHING normal. And I MEAN nothing. At all. It’s one of those things that you come to appreciate about a person as part of their personality, except with Marie it’s also one of those things that you come to appreciate as part of her honest and sincere one in a millionness.

   As for the ‘Wee-baby Sheamus,’ as I have started calling it… (this poor kid is going to have such a gender crisis if it turns out to be a girl…Also, that’s a reference to the cartoon Archer, which if you haven’t seen and you have any kind of appreciation for the concept of “adult humor” and any kind of appreciation for cartoons, you need to see this. It’s on Netflix.) we are days away from the 18th week; speaking of the gender.

   However, I am flying home in a week so we are waiting for the 12th of June when I get back to have the ultrasound to tell us if we need to start buying ‘monster truck/construction/dinosaur’ or ‘whatever is out there in girl stuff’ –themed things from this point on…. Yay technology.    

   Also, I am tired of calling my baby it. She hates the word fetus, but has no opinion on ‘it.’ Every time I say ‘it’ I immediately feel like a parent that knows nothing about their kid and is totally uninvolved in ‘its’ life. Dang it. Failing already. That’s one of the reasons for starting to call it ‘Wee-baby Sheamus,’ as it is better than the word ‘it.’

   Also, according to my trusty pregnancy app, in the 17th week the baby can hear. I have been having lots of fun with this. I will lean in towards Marie’s belly, say something at a mid-level volume and when she says “What?” I immediately respond with “I wasn’t talking to you. . . “

   In addition to the also, her coworkers now call her the Vessel, which I think is quite funny. She doesn’t, but has accepted it; until I started throwing it out every once in awhile at home… :)

Does the Vessel want to be refueled with Chicken or Spaghetti for dinner?

That’s NOT funny. . . . and spaghetti I guess…

 Well that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m looking forward to going home. I’m OH so sure that interaction with my Ma and family alike will result in blogging gold.


   In the back of my head I heard “What the HELL is that supposed to mean?” in my mother’s voice and tone as I wrote that… She then throws a ‘Oh, WHATever…” out in response to that and a “dammit, stop it” to the whatever; as she has a bad habit of stopping her reading to comment, then gets madder at each known outburst, it’s kinda like controllable Turret’s….  Love ya Ma.

 More coming soon, stay close and refresh your browser often….





Car Seat+Stroller+$50 gift card(All Brand New) = $110


Yes. Ladies and Gentlemen. I welcome you to the blog post about one of the best deals. Ever. It has been said that my deal finding skills are like that of an eagle, hippo, Oprah Winfrey, and that Mom who won the coupon wars show awhile back…. Combined. . . .


All right, let us get down to business. Please, dim the lights and cue the drum roll. (For effect, play this as you read the next few lines. . . . come on, it’ll make you laugh, then you’ll remember it’s supposed to go with this post, you’ll revisit, and be amazed. . . )



Car seat:


$50 Gift Card:

Normally totaling $260 if bought not on sale and separately . . . . . .



BAM! Or, as Arthur, Marie’s three-year-old nephew says I taught him(???) . . . BOOM-YA!!!!

I know. I know. You are pretty jealous… BUT… If you act quickly (all the photos should take you straight to their respective pages. . .), you too can be the recipient of such a deal. Target has a super sale going on. Both are discounted and if you buy them online together, you get a $50 gift card. Now, to be fair, the actual price paid at checkout was $160. But with that $50 card thrown into the equation, which you KNOW you’ll use (it’s like free diapers, or in our case, the Baby Bullet . . . . which sweetens the deal EVEN MORE) It comes out to be only $110.

Basically, if you are still shopping for a good, safe and high quality car seat/stroller combo, get this stuff today before the sale ends. If ya missed it…. Sorry. Gotta stay on these websites like a 12-year-old girl on Justin Beiber’s fan site. I’ve been checking every morning looking for deals. I passed one site up that had 15% off on both, they are normally like $90 on a good website, but this site had their prices jacked up to $130 for each. GEDDOUWDUH HERE!

Now we have a crib, being donated by Marie’s sister, a tub, the jumper seat thing (not the one they spin around in, but the ‘almost bouncy put ‘em in there when you need to get stuff done’ for a newborn seat… you know what I mean), a car seat, a jogger stroller (I don’t jog… but I want a nifty, nimble stroller that can turn on a dime…) we’ll be getting the Baby Bullet here soon, a TON of clothes…. What’s next on the list?

Deal finding is changing my life. Now if I could only get a half off deal on a new Toyota Tacoma double cab 4WD with the TRD and SR5 packages in Charcoal Gray. . . . . It’s what my hopes and dreams are made of. Dang Nabbit I want one….

Well, time for another cup of coffee and some packing of photo equipment. I am headed home to shoot my Aunt’s wedding in just over a week. Looking forward to being home with the fam for a bit, and flying Southwest the WHOLE way there. explained what it’s like for us 6’6” and above folks to fly in coach normally. . . Check his blog out by the way, he is REALLY funny, I especially like this post!! Well, that’s it for now. . .


The First Ultrasound, WITH Pictures!!!!


So, we had our first ultrasound. 147-156 was the heartbeat rate, but it was doing leg kicks like it was impersonating Michael Phelps…. Who listens to wives tales anyways . . . . . PLEASE be a boy!?

I think I slightly disappointed the ultrasound lady and Marie. It was exciting, but I wasn’t like oh man, there actually IS a BABY in there. . . . For me it’s already hit. I know it and I have mentally grasped it. I am excited and it was totally awesome to see my little me in there. Which, boy or girl, it’s definitely MY genes in there, the legs were astoundingly long.

See? That’s a lot of legs. (It’s upside down, the legs are the V / U looking thing, the feet didn’t show up in this one, so it’s just the legs you see)

Unfortunately, it’ll be another couple weeks before we can tell the gender.  So, more waiting. It’s like a preliminary round of “learn your patience” for when the kid actually gets here.

So now I have ultrasound photos, and I am trying to not be that person that runs around forcing people to be pretend excited about an unrecognizable mass of grays and whites.

“There’s the leg, see right here, oh no, sorry, that’s the arm, isn’t it cute?”

Just nod, smile and agree people, it’ll only get worse once I actually have the kid…. Photos galore.

So, anywho, that’s the latest. Now, allow me to force some of my ultrasound photos onto all of you ;)




The last one is a hand, in case you missed it. That is pretty crazy. That’s my little baby….. Yay for us!! In another couple of weeks we’ll know the gender, and then we can shop our faces off appropriately. Hope they don’t get it wrong, haha. Well, that’s all for now!

(WHOA! A short post. . . . didn’t think it was possible. . . but I did it!)




$38.50 | 89 Pieces of Clothing | Beating My Ma at Deal Finding. . .

My mother and I are always competing. In everything we do it’s either outwitting the other or straight competition. Buying baby clothes has been no exception.

So, I wrote out that I THOUGHT my mother was beating me. Then I said, well, wait a second. Let’s bust out some math skills and see within each deal how much was paid per item.

I am winning by a margin of 3 cents per item.

Close, but, still winning.

Take that, Ma!

Post deleted and updated.

Now that we have gotten that out-of-the-way and the world knows that I am in the lead as the family deal finder….. Let’s just look, real quick, at how much $38.50 can get you in the world of yard sales. I would like to point out that none of this is in ANY way stained up or worn out. It’s all side-by-side looking as good as new.

Set one: 23 total pieces of clothing. $12 spent for a grand total of .52 cents per item:

(By the way, that’s .52 cents for that thick full body jacket)

Deal Numero Two (this is my Mom’s find): 44 total pieces of clothing on a total of $18 (she said less than $20, so I am giving her $18):

I have to be honest….. She does have things very tightly piled here. So, oh it hurts…. my fingers ar re seaeizing up. . . .  .  .  … .   she. MIghgt. Be. Winning. . . .

AH! That was really tough to type. MIGHT. Should there be some things that I can’t see in there. Anyways, that’s 44 pieces as I can see it, at an estimated $18 spent (known to be less than $20, for ALL that… good job, Ma!) for a grand total of .40 cents spent per item.

And now, for the currently winning deal (that means MY latest find. . . . )

Set 3. With 23 pieces and only $8.50 spent.

I’d like to take note, before we go over the per item amount in this particular batch of clothing, the content of what we have here. A heavy knit sweater/pants combo, 2 pairs of denim, a pair of corduroys, the khaki pants, and the center of my focus here, the OshKosh brand overalls AND the Vans shoes. Now. At 23 total items for only $8.50, that’s a total of .37 cents per item. .37 cents for Van’s brand shoes. Check out how much these are new. If you don’t feel like clicking a link, that’s $37 bucks. Oh, and the OshKosh overalls, hmmmmm…… Googling it brings back about $16 bucks new. So. That’s more than $50 for just the Vans and the overalls. Now, unless I want my baby to really look like a hillbilly, I am going to need a shirt to go under the overalls. Let’s see. Oh, google shopping brings back $3.50 as the cheapest plain T on the first page. I’m not even at a buck twenty yet for that same outfit ‘used.’ Also, I didn’t count the socks or the bib in my final count for competitive comparison. I don’t see socks that small as an item worth paying money for. It’s like three cents worth of fabric. They gave me all of those (8 pairs) for a quarter (which means I paid a penny and a half each, for the record).

Bottom line? This yard sale shopping has been extremely profitable for us. Saving a ton of money, and might already be to the point that the kid’s only going to get to wear each piece of clothing once before s/he out grows it all. And for those really crunching numbers, that averages out just in these photos and not including the little here and there’s that we have picked up (yes, there are even more, I’ll have to lay them ALL out and get a photo…), to be .43 cents per item. I’d say that’s a pretty good price for something we are only going to use for 3 months and then sell to the next person. We’ll sell them for .50 cents a piece and make a .07 cent gain per item. That would be a $6.23 profit…. and if we REALLY wanted to we could probably get like $4 for the big heavy jacket thing on its own, and a dollar for the overalls. It’s all about the frugalling.

That’s all for now, ultrasound is tomorrow. Super stoked!!!! Really hoping we can tell the gender at 16ish weeks. We’ll find out tomorrow. More later…


Our First Scare!

I will start this post like a Scorsese movie; with the end. Because I think it’s important that you know everything in the long run is ok. Using the word miscarriage in a post can really scare people, like the experience did to me, and that’s not fair. So, know now, everything is fine and we have a 14 week along baby (technically fetus, but, who likes that word….) with a strong heartbeat. Now, let’s talk about the first insane scare that I am being told is ‘just part of parenting….” Awesome.

My phone lit up while I was at work the other day; Marie was calling me.

Odd, Marie doesn’t normally get signal at work, why is she off the boat (she’s in the Navy).

I called her back from my work phone, as I get crappy signal in my office.

“I’m headed to the ER, I’m having a little bit of spotting and I think I need to get my RhoGam shot. Don’t panic, I just wanted to call you so you didn’t hear it from someone else that I was in the ER and didn’t know.”

Spotting? What…. Oh. Shit.

She assured me it wasn’t serious and I shouldn’t panic, I didn’t need to come out. Then she hung up.

I got online and looked it up to make sure I shouldn’t panic.

Ladies and gentlemen. When you know it could be serious, don’t ever, ever, EVER, get online and ‘just look it up…’

All I could find was really bad stuff. The ‘M’ word was somehow associated with everything.

Miscarriage. Let’s talk for a second about how rich I would be if I could be a professional panicker.

So, I called my mother, who is a nurse of like, 18+ years, to reassure me that I was just panicking, that spotting can be something that happens pretty often, and that I shouldn’t be worried because the internet just overplays it.

She, through the whole conversation, made the attempt to calm my nerves, but agreed with me that I should go be with her regardless of how big or little the situation was. Then she made the comment that caused me to drive 500 miles an hour to the hospital.

“Now I am going to be worried all day, let me know what’s going on…”

My boss walked in as I was walking out.

“I’m going to the hospital; Marie is on her way to the ER with some light bleeding”

“Oh, ok, yeah go…”

I tried to keep it under 85 the entire way there. I was scared shitless by this point. It had been like 15 minutes since I had talked to Marie and her calm nature in the conversation was lost and I was terrified for the worst.

I got to the hospital and realized that parking can in fact cause fits of rage. Or, finding a lack of parking.

Got to the fifth floor of the parking garage, finally found a spot. Tried not to run the entire way to the ER.

Now. Let’s go over some facts that I found on this whole thing for you, the reader, to hopefully learn and benefit from, because I had to dig a little to find this stuff. Also, keep in mind that I am not a doctor, nurse or any other kind of medical anything. I like medical stuff, my mother is a nurse and I like the show Scrubs, but that’s about as far as it goes. Take this as what I think I have learned and not ANY kind of actual medical advice, now let’s continue.

Marie is A Negative and RH Negative. A- being her blood type. RH- meaning that she does not have a certain something in her blood. It’s not something you have to have or shouldn’t have, some people have it, some don’t. But I am RH+. This means that the baby will have the RH ‘whatever’ in its blood. Because the baby will have that in its blood and she doesn’t have it, her body will create antibodies against the RH thing and attack the baby.

The way to prevent this is a RhoGAM shot. It keeps her body from being able to create specifically those antibodies that would attack the baby, or fetus, for the medically correct.

Now, back to the story of how I learned that my heart can in fact stop for an extended period of time.

So, I got to the ER lobby and she was already in a room. The lady at the counter said “go right in” so I walked around the corner through the double doors and was stopped and told to go back in the lobby.

“Is she ok, is the baby ok, have they checked to make sure everything is ok?”

“Sir, just go back in the lobb-“

“The lady at the desk already said I could come in, she’s in that room right there”

“Sir, just go back to the lobby and I will come get you.”

I took a deep breath, and went back in the lobby.

After like 10 minutes of waiting and not knowing, it was time for round two. I went back in and asked a nurse at the counter if I could go in yet.

“Why couldn’t you? Yeah, go in, she wants you in there, right???”

So, in I went.

She was fine, asking about animal tails, as this is what she had been thinking about for the last half hour she was sitting there on her own waiting for the ultrasound and the blood work to come back.

So they still didn’t know what the final word was on if the baby was ok and all was well, they sent me back out of the room for the ultrasound, it wasn’t a belly one, they came at it from…. A different angle(the down under…). Shortly after I got a text from Marie.

“14 weeks and a strong heartbeat”

After almost having an emotional breakdown of relief, I composed myself and they came shortly after to let me back in the waiting room.

Everything was ok!

As soon as I got back in the room I gave her belly a tiny poke and my words were something along the lines of “not funny, bud, is this how it’s gonna be your whole life?”

Marie thought I was trying to be funny, but I think I was actually scolding my unborn child. He doesn’t even have ears yet.

She got the shot, they deemed everything ok, and we were on our way.

“Wings for lunch?”

Clearly Marie handled this better than I did. Probably because she didn’t look things up on the internet.


Since this event a couple of days ago now, I have heard the following statement at LEAST 7 times:

“Welcome to being a parent, it’s just the beginning.”

Can I at least get him/her out here before we start making runs to the hospital where I have to worry about life and death. For the love of jeez.

So, the scares and worries have begun. I guess my lesson out of all of this is there ain’t shit you can do as the parent in some situations, so don’t panic more than you have to. If there was more to learn here, I didn’t. I guess I’ll start at focusing on NOT focusing on the worst. I’m terrible about emotionally readying myself for the worst; makes anything else not as bad. From what I’m being told, there’s plenty more of the exact same terror to come. EESHH!


We have our first ultrasound on Tuesday. If we get lucky enough, we might be able to tell the gender/confirm it’s a boy. I’ll let ya’ll know how it went! Check in later….