Hurry up and Get Fat Already. . . .

So, about three months into this pregnancy. I am the kind of person that likes to watch the bag grow as the popcorn pops in the microwave, likes to fish in a well fish-populated lake, I like digital photography because the photo pops up right on the back of the camera as soon as you take it . . . . . . We are about three months into this thing and she still looks just as good as she did before it all started.

No “baby bump” yet, no gaining visible weight, nothing. The best I’ve got is that her stomach is all firmed up, but I’m hoping that she isn’t misleading me with constant constipation just so that I have some sort of progress . . . . . (and that’s why she’s not allowed to read the blog. . . .)

So, my impatient ways have led me to wanting to SEE my baby. Especially as a photographer, I wanna get our first set of the baby bump photos. Also an exciting next step.

But for now, the best I get is hauling ass through Toys ‘R’ Us with jogging strollers trying to decide which one corners the best and handles well. Also, I think I have disassembled most all of their selection trying to determine just which one will fold compactly enough to fit into both the Patriot and the Fiesta. Also, guys, if you haven’t gone stroller/car seat shopping yet, I highly advise this. It’s like car shopping condensed:


Plus, at Toys ‘R’ Us, though they are insanely overpriced by internet comparison, they have these two aisles with all these things on either side. I was grabbing them and pushing them all over the store, breaking them all down and lining them up to see which one deflated the best. A lady with like four kids came around the corner while I was struggling to get one folded down and I swear she was standing there laughing inside. As soon as I got it figured out she walked off. . . . . Curse you and your four kid knowledge lady.

Anyways, I need to see results. I had always thought it was a constantly evolving process. Pregnant, immediately start showing, get huge, have kid. It feels like it’s been MONTHS already. Like 10 months. We are just coming into month three. I hate waiting. At least give me some sort of visual progress. 

So, to all the other guys out there hovering around this period of the beginning stages of pregnancy, be patient, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when she finally starts getting fat ;) To all the guys who have tiny little girlfriends and wives that are showing on month nothing, curse you and your lucky visual progress.



Author: photoguy2354

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